Colo phun.

I have been kicking around the internet since around the time was Adam Curry’s hobby server and he was running a Gopher on it. And if you’re all, like, “what did he just say?” then this website will probably not entertain you. You should go back to the previous page and read about Dynasty Warriors or the old N64 game you were looking for a ROM for [I don’t host ROMs].

I put up my first website around summer of 1996. It was Optimized for Netscape 1.1 and featured intentionally crappy-looking black-and-white photos I took in the cheapo B&W computer photo booth at the Fun Factory arcade in Briarwood Mall. I was really obsessed with the way I looked back then and the high-contrast photos really smoothed out my notoriously poor skin.

My first domain was my last name dot net. I was going to make that a family site, but came to realize my family wasn’t particularly interested in having a site. I kept it going for years after as a cool e-mail address, but the spam became too much to bear. The speculator who snapped it up at least kept it classier than the one who grabbed my last name dot com. Many kind regards to the Nieuean Center for American Pop Culture, who struggled under the weight of the spamvelopes for far too long.

Then I grabbed firstinitial-last-initial-numberone dot net, which I kept for, like, a year or two. I wanted something short [six letters and That Period]. Eventually my initials dot com became available, but not until after they were grabbed by some kind of UK domain name speculation scambola. For real, it was all in The Register and stuff. When those guys got arrested and had to let them all go, I snap’t it up.

This site started off hosted on my DSL on a Umax C600 Mac clone running OS 8.something and Quid Pro Quo webserver. Eventually I bought a modern Mac and hosted it on the built-in Apache webserver, running a blosxom blog. That’s when I came up with the name BPDW.COMMENTARY. Then a move to cable modem, then a move to a kind co-worker’s Linux server, then finally on my own, for now at least.

As it stands, this thing is running WordPress 2.3 plus k2 theme plus a li’l style called Headless 3.2.1 is a WordPress 4 blog with the Bushwick theme. The header photos are all my own.

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