A Few Things You Should Know About Me, per the FTC

According to the Federal Trade Commission (http://www.ftc.gov), bloggers are advised to disclose any and all freebies, giveaways or conflicts of interest that might influence their opinion in blog postings and other online forums.  In accordance with that guidance, I make the following statements:

  • I am an IT professional for the University of Michigan Library.  I also spend some of my weekend and evening time staffing info desks at the Ann Arbor District Library.  I maintain that my opinions expressed here are my own and I do not represent my employer or my other employer.  However, my opinions may agree with them.
  • I promise to openly disclose the fact that I am writing a review about a product that I have gotten a free copy, free unit, review unit, or otherwise received without having to pay for it. If I do not disclose this, then I either bought the product, or otherwise obtained it through some channel that did not involve this site.  [Nobody has ever sent me free stuff in my role as a blogger.]

Feel free to ask me other questions — you can contact me through the comments here or find me on your favorite social network through the links on the main page of bpdw.com.

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