Whether you agree with the future of health care in the US or not, you have to agree that the woman shouting “Heil Hitler” at the Israeli man speaking highly of Israeli healthcare, taken at face value, is very, very wrong:

But it reminded me of a short film that hit the net a couple of years ago, which starts out as a harmless shill for a forgotten Judd Apatow comedy but quickly goes “off the rails” in a meticulously crafted “spontaneous” manner.

Compare the lady’s shirt to Craig Robinson’s shirt. Craig Robinson, I assume, wore the shirt to be ironic. What’s this lady’s story?

One thought on “IDF? IDK.

  1. People are going out of their minds about this stuff. Saw a women at a town hall say that Obama woke a sleeping giant. It’s more like roused a dozing moron. The second clip, however, is hilarious. “I don’t even know how to pronounce that word.”

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